Claim settles for £850,000 against Police.

Matthew Gold, director of Gold Jennings has settled a civil claim against the Chief Constable of Surrey Police for £850,000 subject to Court approval.  Matthew represents the surviving children whose mother was murdered by their father following an abusive relationship.   Surrey Police accepted liability for breaches of Articles 2 and 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights and issued an apology for failing to protect the mother from the known risk to her life from her husband.

Having admitted liability for breaches of the ECHR and issued an apology, the only matter to be determined between the parties was the level of damages.  The children’s principal heads of claim were for psychiatric injuries, costs of treatment and the loss of services of their mother.  Surrey Police accepted that damages should be paid under each head of damages and wanted to reach an agreement without the need for further litigation.

Gold Jennings is unaware of a settlement of a similar level of damages in a claim involving a breach of the Human Rights Act.  Matthew states:

“The children have suffered untold misery and upset since the death of their mother.    The compensation will help secure their immediately future and provide financial security for their carers.  They hope Surrey police have learnt from their failings and that no other family has to suffer in the same way.”