Matthew Gold & Co’s Public Law team win Legal Aid Team of the Year at the LALYS

Matthew Gold & Co. Public Law and Community Care Team are delighted to have won the Team of the Year award at the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards 2021 (LALY Awards 2021). The LALY Awards are an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the enormous and positive impact that legal aid lawyers make in upholding the rights of disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups in society. Spread across 12 award categories, including disability rights for the first time this year, the LALY Awards showcase lawyers who go to extraordinary lengths in the pursuit of justice for their clients.

Matthew Gold & Co.’s Public Law and Community Care Team won the Team of the Year award following a string of extraordinary cases over the past year. From challenging the Home Office’s decision to accommodate asylum seekers at Napier Barracks, to expanding entitlement to free school meals and the Healthy Start Scheme for poor migrant children, the Public Law and Community Care Team have consistently represented their clients with compassion and distinction.

In this respect, the award is recognition of the important cases that the team have brought and won over the past year which have improved, not only the lives of  their clients, but thousands of individuals in similar positions. As Clare Jennings, Head of the Public Law and Community Care Team, said at last night’s event in response to a question about the team’s ethos:

“I suppose our ethos is trying to help marginalized and disadvantaged groups and using the law to make positive change in vulnerable people’s lives…[we are] lawyers that try to make a difference”. 

Matthew Gold & Co. would like to thank the Legal Aid Practitioners Group for holding the LALY Awards and all of the other finalists who took part. They are the very best of legal aid lawyers.

You can view last night’s LALY Awards here: